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Scotrail Trains Split Tickets

Splitting Your Train Tickets on Scotrail Trains is allowed and is when you purchase separate tickets for two or more sectors of the Scotrail Trains rail route you wish to travel instead of just one more expensive through ticket without affecting your travel options in any way.

For example, if you wanted to travel on Scotrail Trains from Station A to Station D, you would expect to buy a ticket direct from A to D. However, you may find it a lot cheaper to buy a ticket from A to B, and another from B to C and still another from C to D for a cheaper combined train ticket price. This is especially true when not all sectors of your journey are during peak time.

So, by buying several tickets that in combination make up your whole Scotrail Trains route, you could massively reduce your travel cost and you will still travel on the same Scotrail train, at the same time and most probably in the same seat but pay a lot less by using split tickets. This is what split ticketing on Scotrail Trains is all about.


Scotrail Train tickets

First Calss Split tickets on Scotrail trains

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More About Scotrail Trains

You may use split train tickets for travel on all Scotrail Trains.

First ScotRail operates all domestic passenger trains within Scotland and the cross-border Caledonian Sleeper service to London.

Providing services throughout Scotland and reaching across the Scottish border to Newcastle and Carlisle in the north of England, First ScotRail is a popular choice for express services between Scotland's major cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Dundee and Aberdeen. You may use moneysaving split train tickets on all Scotrail train routes.

As well as serving Scotland's big cities, First ScotRail also operates the scenic Highland Main Line, which connects Inverness to the south through the picturesque Scottish Highlands, ideal for passengers to Fort William, Oban and Mallaig, Kyle of Loclash and Wick. First ScotRail also operates Caledonian Sleeper express services connecting Scotland to London.

First ScotRail also offers sleeper services from Scotland to London, please check with ScotRail if you wish to book a sleeping berth on their trains.

Cyclists are welcomed on all First ScotRail services, with between two and eight cycle spaces for use on each route. However, cyclists should note that cycle reservations are required for services from Glasgow and Edinburgh to Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh to Inverness, Aberdeen to Inverness, Glasgow to Oban, Fort William and Mallaig, Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh, Wick and Thurso, and Newcastle and Glasgow to Stranraer.



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