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Heathrow Express Airport Train Journey Planner (with split ticket options)



Heathrow Express Airport Shuttle Trains

Splitting Your Train Tickets on Heathrow Express Trains is allowed and is when you purchase separate tickets for two or more sectors of the Heathrow Express Trains rail route you wish to travel instead of just one more expensive through ticket without affecting your travel options in any way.

For example, if you wanted to travel on Heathrow Express Trains from Station A to Station D, you would expect to buy a ticket direct from A to D. However, you may find it a lot cheaper to buy a ticket from A to B, and another from B to C and still another from C to D for a cheaper combined train ticket price. This is especially true when not all sectors of your journey are during peak time.

So, by buying several tickets that in combination make up your whole Heathrow Express Trains route, you could massively reduce your travel cost and you will still travel on the same Heathrow Express train, at the same time and most probably in the same seat but pay a lot less by using split tickets. This is what split ticketing on Heathrow Express Trains is all about.


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More About Heathrow Express Trains

You may use split train tickets for travel on all Heathrow Express Airport Trains.

The Heathrow Express is a high-speed service link offering the fastest journey time between Heathrow Airport and central London – 16 minutes (21 minutes to Terminal 5). Its success since opening in 1998 has resulted in the strengthening of the train sets, and in June 2003 a further £30m service expansion was announced.

Growing air traffic at London's Heathrow Airport saw the British Airports Authority (latterly BAA) undertake one of Europe's largest construction projects, the new Terminal 5 that opened on 27 March 2008.

Heathrow Express operates non-stop services every 15 minutes, seven days a week, from London Paddington to Heathrow Central Terminals 1 & 3 (change here for the shuttle to Terminal 4), and then on to Terminal 5. It's the fastest way to travel from London to Heathrow.

Each train is air-conditioned, has free WiFi on board, has quiet zones where mobile phone use is not permitted and is equipped with Express TVs showing news coverage. There is also plenty of luggage space. You can now select quiet zone as part of your seat reservation selection when booking train tickets.

First Class passengers are provided with table seating, complimentary copies of the Financial Times and various magazines.



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