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National Rail Journey Planner (with split ticket options)



What are Split Train Tickets

Splitting Train Tickets is when you purchase separate tickets for two or more sectors of the rail route you wish to travel instead of just one more expensive through ticket without affecting your travel options in any way.

For example, if you wanted to travel from Station A to Station D, you would expect to buy a ticket direct from A to D. However, you may find it a lot cheaper to buy a ticket from A to B, and another from B to C and still another from C to D for a cheaper combined train ticket price. This is especially true when not all sectors of your journey are during peak time.

Use SplitTicketing.com to automatically do the work for you by searching the entire National Rail fares database for every possible permutation of travel to identify the best of any available split ticketing options for the train route and at the times that you select.

If this all sounds too good to be true look at these examples of money saving split tickets found by splitickets.com:-


Example 1. Show proof of split ticket savings

Travel on 18/12/2013 return on the same day
Total adults: 1, total children: 0.
Cheapest Online Fare :£294.00
SplitTicketing.com Fare: £114.40
Save an Additional £179.60 or 61%
Example 2. Leeds to Plymouth split train ticket savings
Direct from LEEDS. to PLYMOUTH

Travel on 18/12/2013 return on the same day
Total adults: 1, total children: 0.
Cheapest Online Fare: £145.00 
SplitTicketing.com Fare: £98.50
Save an Additional £46.50 or 32%

Example 3. Split train ticket savings from Norwich to London
Direct from NORWICH. to LONDON

Travel on 18/12/2013 anytime day return.
Total adults: 1, total children: 0.
Cheapest Online Fare: £105.70 
SplitTicketing.com Fare: £58.20
Save an Additional £46.50 or 41%

Example 4. Derby to Liverpool train split tickets

Travel on 18/12/2013 return on the same day
Total adults: 1, total children: 0.
Cheapest Online Fare: £61.50 
SplitTicketing.com Fare: £20.70
Save an Additional £40.80 or 66%


So, by buying several tickets that in combination make up the whole route, you could massively reduce your travel cost and you still travel on the same train, at the same time and most probally in the same seat. This is what split ticketing is all about.




About Splittickets.com

Splittickets.com is the original online split train ticketing web site and the first to offer completely automated, and more importantly, genuine moneysaving split train ticket reservations.

Book moneysaving split train tickets using the journey planner above the same way you would ordinarily book your train tickets online. The only difference is that in place of just booking the more expensive through train tickets our system will first determine if cheaper split ticket options exist for the rail route and train times you have selected and then offer those for you.

Splittickets.com is a free service aimed at helping the general public lawfully pay less for rail journeys. We do however charge a nominal fee equal to 10% of any additional savings we find you. For example, if our service finds you additional savings totaling £46.00 we will charge you a service fee of £4.60, you will however then still pay £41.40 less than you otherwise could have for your train tickets without using our service.




Split Train Tickets Are Legal (and can save you a lot of money)

Split ticketing is allowed and it is legal. The National Conditions of Carriage clearly state that you may use more than one ticket to complete the train journey provided that "the train you are in calls at a station where you change from one ticket to another" and this means that split ticketing is allowed and legal on the National Rail network. You also do not have to leave the train and get back on it in between the start and end of your journey.




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